Theft from estates, a sad case

This case concerned the deceased’s daughter, who stole £20,000 from the estate which was bequeathed to a hospice. This is not at all uncommon, and in fact I have several cases at present where PR’s have helped themselves to estate funds. 

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Hospice money fraudulently spent by daughter Willowbrook Hospice was defrauded of approximately £20,000 from Patricia Eden’s estate, after her daughter Deborah Nilsson spent the money on a new kitchen, bathroom and family holiday. The fraud came to light when Ms Nilsson’s daughter reported her. During the trial at Liverpool Crown Court, Ms Nilsson explained that her mother had changed her mind on her deathbed, and wanted her to inherit all of the estate. However, it came to light that Ms Eden had made a clear Will in the presence of a solicitor which had been duly signed by two witnesses.