The three words that could save your life

Police are urging everyone to download a smartphone app that could save your life. 

“What3words” is a free app can pinpoint any location by assigning three random words.  It has allowed the Police to find lost hikers, people (including a pregnant lady in labour) stuck in a shipping container and even a hostage. 

The app does not need signal to work, once it has been downloaded, and therefore could be vital to anyone in a situation where they cannot explain where they are e.g. involved in an accident or stuck up a mountain. However, it also can assist with providing directions or arranging a meeting point. 

The emergency services are said to be sending text messages, when contacted, asking people to download the free app so they can locate them. However, signal would be needed to download the app. Why not download the app today?

What3words essentially points to a very specific location.

Its developers divided the world into 57 trillion squares, each measuring 3m by 3m (10ft by 10ft) and each having a unique, randomly assigned three-word address.

For example, the door of 10 Downing Street is slurs.this.shark, while the area across the road where the press congregate is stage.pushy.nuns.