The perils of remote witnessing wills as Lockdown 3.0 brings more challenges

A great concept in theory, but in practice, a huge logistical challenge involving multiple video calls and bringing with it an increased opportunity to challenge the will at a later date.

It seems there is more scope for professional negligence claims in this field than ever before. 

Details of a webinar I am preparing with @PeterDodge to help will writers avoid negligence claims will shortly be provided, please message me if you are interested.

Video witnessing of wills to play a more vital role in new lockdown? Now that the UK is in another national lockdown, will the legislation around video witnessing of wills mean they become more than just a last resort to practitioners? When the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced in July that they would make the video witnessing of wills legal as a result of the pandemic, there was a mixed reaction that separated the wills and probate sector into two camps. You either loved the idea, or hated it….I suppose it’s a bit like marmite? According to the UK Wills & Probate Market 2020: Consumer Research Report, Video witnessing of wills would be acceptable to over a third of consumers while over half would be willing to use the MoJ’s online probate portal in the future if they had to deal with straightforward probate. Already, almost a third have used this portal. The guidance issued by organisations such as STEP, was that video witnessing or ‘video wills’ should only be used as a last resort. But as this was only guidance, people interpreted it as they saw fit, with some using video wil...