The Liberal Democrats’ Manifesto and its Effects on Your Employment Rights

Dispute Resolution - 1 minute read

Having done a snapshot on some of the proposed changes by the Labour and Conservative party, I am mindful to include a brief synopsis on that of the Lib Dems for your information.

The Liberal Democrats are not in the business of saying they are going to win a majority and be the next government. They are however pushing for the next best thing: being the opposition, especially on issues surrounding Brexit. 

Along with that, they propose the following:

  • They would argue to keep the UK in the Single Market; preserving freedom of movement within the EU. 
  • Widening the scope of the pay gap reporting in relation to gender, race and sexual orientation, as well as introducing name-blind recruitment in the public sector.
  • Boardroom diversity
  • Abolition of employment tribunal fees
  • Not necessarily banning, but somehow ‘addressing’ the abuse of zero hours contracts.
  • Instead of making employees wait 2 years of continuous employment, they would make flexible working, paternity and shared parental leave “day one” rights, and create an additional month’s leave for fathers.