The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Pledges That May Affect Immigration

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2 weeks to go.

Tied in with employment rights, immigration is fairly intertwined.

Here are a few pledges from three of the parties:


  • The freedom of movement post-Brexit will cease to exist
  • Seek to provide an immediate guarantee of existing rights for all EU nationals currently living in the UK and secure reciprocal rights for UK citizens in EU countries
  • Introduce a new immigration system based on economic needs, balancing controls and existing entitlements – this may include sponsorship, work permits, visa regulations or a tailored mix of all of above


  • As if the £1,000 was not deterrent enough, they seek to double the Immigration Skills Charge to £2000 a year for companies employing non-EU skilled workers
  • Require students to leave the UK at the end of their studies unless they meet new higher requirements which will allow them to work in the UK
  • Control and reduce immigration from within the EU, while still attracting skilled workers

Liberal Democrats

  • Provide a unilateral guarantee of current rights for all EU nationals presently in the UK
  • Maintain current freedom of movement of rights post-Brexit for EU citizens to work in the UK and vice versa
  • Press for the UK to unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK