The effect of Pandemic stress on relationships.

If I was to cite the most common underlying cause people provide as to why they think their relationship has come to an end, it’s that they feel they have drifted apart – they don’t spend time together, there’s no affection, they have separate friends and separate interests. So, I’m really hopeful that the restrictions brought about by the Pandemic have given lots of couples, that might otherwise have separated, an opportunity to reconnect, bond and rebuild their relationship, and that perhaps there will in fact be an overall decline in separations and divorces.

If you’re interested in reading the BBC article in full there’s a link below. It’s well worth a read as it describes findings from all over the world:

Dr Feuerman says in many cases lockdown magnified the existing dynamic in a relationship. She has been counselling couples over zoom - sometimes from their garden shed or a parked car to gain some privacy from the family home.

'The pandemic has caused stress for everybody. There's a collective trauma,' she says. 'But couples that were strong beforehand are even stronger. They already knew how to use their relationship as a resource at a time of stress. The couples who have been worst affected are those where there were problems before this started.'