The Daily Mail chairman, his “vivacious” wife and, wait… their AMICABLE divorce

How refreshing to read this weekend of the friendly divorce of former Treasury Minister and M&S chairman Lord Myners and his wife Alison. With the couple reportedly having parted ways on the best of terms and each having nothing but compliments to offer of the other, one can only imagine a distinct lack of glee from the tabloid journalists submitting their copy for this story.

Divorce lawyers across the country have been cheering this week as the “no fault divorce” bill has been reintroduced by the government. The new law, to be passed as soon as parliamentary time allows, is expected to herald a huge reduction in the unnecessary hostility brought by the current need to apportion blame on divorce.

Having just wrapped up Christmas gifts for both my former husband and his new wife, I’m all too aware that the end of a marriage, brutal and heart-rending as it can be at the time, doesn’t ultimately mean the end of the whole relationship. Lord Myners and his wife would appear to agree.