Telling your customers to f*** off – perhaps not the best response to a negative review

Dealing with customer reviews and ensuring positive feedback on social media is one of the bigger challenges facing those in the hospitality trade today. A top ranking Trip Advisor rating can make all the difference to undecided potential customers.

Reacting to a negative facebook review by telling the customer to f*** off was never going to be a good idea!

Of course it now transpires that the response was left by a disgruntled former employee and the restaurant in question is doing all it can to regain its reputation.

Given the importance of social media and online reviews, restricting access to accounts and ensuring that passwords are changed frequently is at absolute must. Restaurant owners need to ensure that only they and those they trust have the ability to respond to feedback.

Have a look at Hedges May 2015 Hospitality Insight for further help on how to deal with less than glowing reviews:

A restaurant owner has denied he told a customer to 'just f*** off lady” on Facebook, claiming the account was hacked.

According to The Manchester Evening News, bosses of Lustiano restaurant believed that a disgruntled former employee left the comment.

Having been posted in the restaurant’s name, they are not able to delete it as they don’t have the Facebook password.