Sometimes the best way to move forward is to retreat

I was interested to see this article in the Surrey Mirror about Suddenly Single Retreats, a weekend break for women who are in the middle of divorce. A combination of one to ones, information sharing and group activities, the initiative may really fill a gap in the market. 

The three women behind the initiative: Sue Atkins the well-known TV parenting expert, and her two colleagues, Nicky Ingram and Jo Read, a financial advisor and a divorce guide author, have all been divorced themselves so will know from first -hand experience what their guests are going though.

Being mid-divorce can be a really grim place; I have heard it described as being rther like a mole: you’re in a dark damp miserable hole and digging and digging…until gradually a tiny circle of light appears which then gets bigger and bigger until, pop, you are finally back out into the sunshine! Clearly that isn’t everyone’s experience, but when you are in the thick of it, you may well discover that those close to you just don’t really want to hear about it, not more than once anyway. Finding a space in which you can meet others who are in the same situation as you: where you can talk confidentially without fear of rolled eyes or yawns of boredom…in a safe and supportive environment, could be a winning idea. With only 20 places available for the next retreat, I can imagine there will be a sold out sign up very soon.

Good luck and well done ladies!

Surrey women who are struggling with a 'messy, stressful' divorce can attend a weekend-long retreat in Nutfield which is being organised by three women who have gone through the breakup of a marriage.

Whether it be down to child custody issues, money, legal worries or the emotional impact of the breakdown of a marriage - there are many aspects of a divorce that can be draining and hard to cope with

Sue Atkins, Jo Read and Nicky Ingram are bringing their first 'suddenly single retreat' to the Nutfield Priory Hotel and Spa at the beginning of April.

The 2-day retreat will offer advice about how to deal with the breakup of the home, the possible legal issues involved, financial concerns and how to handle all aspects of parenting and co-parenting positively.