Sibling Civil Partnerships

It will be interesting to see how this argument develops. 

Changes to the Civil Partnership laws could see siblings who live together being allowed to enter civil partnerships to avoid having to sell their family home to pay Inheritance Tax.

Lord Lexden, the historian and Conservative peer, has suggested that brothers and sisters should be able to form civil partnerships in order to avoid inheritance tax.

He proposed the idea in a question in the House of Lords on September 9, saying: 'Is it not the case that in Britain today all other stable and loving couples are now able to formalise their relationships in legal terms — so vital for inheritance and its tax implications?

'If sibling couples are to be denied civil partnerships, how does the Government propose to address the injustice that will arise on the death of one of them, with the survivor having to sell the family home to pay inheritance tax, from which civil partners are exempt?'

This is not the first time the issue has been raised.