Sharing knowledge has never been so easy

The pandemic and lockdowns continue to have seismic effects on the legal profession and whilst inevitably some things are negative, in my view there are also a lot of positive and progressive changes within the Family Law sector. 

One of the changes that I’m genuinely very excited about is the emergence of great quality CPD resources in various online formats.

There are a huge number of webinars which are generally low cost and more often than not free of charge – and in fact we’re hosting one ourselves tomorrow evening courtesy of the excellent Sally Max at 29 Bedford Row.

There are also great social media debates, using Twitter (such as the monthly Family Law Hour) and Clubhouse (courtesy of James Stewart and his International Family Law Catch up). 

My personal favourites though, are the growing number of excellent quality podcasts. The ability to listen two or more lawyers candidly chat about a particular area of law, and their own ‘on the ground’ experiences of the same, whilst also getting on with daily life (think loading the dishwasher and doing the nursery run) is an absolute win! Current favourites include:

  • The Family Law Podcast by Pump Court Chambers
  • Family Law & Lattes by Melanie Bataillard-Samuel 
  • Women in Family Law by Suzanne Kingston 

Since moving out of London and having young children, I’ve missed the array of events that I used to attend courtesy of London chambers, Resolution, accountants etc which help to keep you abreast of changes and best practice, but also (and arguably more importantly) help you as a family lawyer to feel connected to and supported as part of a professional community. The transference of all this activity to online, has also brought about parity of knowledge sharing across the country that is hopefully here to stay.