Separation Selfies

I love the positivity of this apparent new “trend”: posting happy selfies to mark the parting of the marital ways.

Whilst there’s no denying that for most people who are going through divorce, finding any reason to celebrate can be nigh on possible, it does seem that there are those who can turn it into a celebration. A Gwyneth and Chris style ‘conscious uncoupling’, acknowledging the good times but accepting the need for the ending of the marriage, indeed even making an online request for friends and loved ones to share the excitement of a new future. 

I’m pretty sure that by taking this rather unorthodox route, the divorcing couples involved are able to move on with their lives far more peacefully and positively. And for those of them with children, their peaceful acceptance of their split surely gives their children permission to accept the situation far more readily too.

Being a little cynical, this does of course rather beg the question of whether might be just another example of people ‘glossing up’ their lives on social media to make them look endlessly positive and fabulous. 

Whether this actually is a trend or just a handful of social media posts that have caught the media’s eye does of course remain to be seen. 

Divorce selfies are officially a thing
What do you make of this?

The premise is that a couple take a selfie of themselves on the day their divorce is made official - often clutching the papers in shot sans rings. Each shot is accompanied by an upbeat caption explaining why they're happy that they shared a life together but why it's a positive thing that they decided to part ways.