Report Reveals that Job Dissatisfaction Costs £16,000 Per Employee

Dispute Resolution - 1 minute read

The CEB’s report on job satisfaction summarised in this article makes interesting reading, and reveals that job dissatisfaction is costing employers £16,000 in turnover costs per employee.

Reports on staff satisfaction are helpful from an employment law perspective, because they show that simply complying with the law is often not enough for employers to retain valued employees. It is also necessary to keep staff motivated and happy so as not to lose them, because not only can turnover costs be expensive but experienced employees can be difficult to replace.

Seven in ten UK employees feel as though they are ‘stuck in a job rut’ and are unhappy with their future career prospects, according to a new report from CEB.

This high level of job dissatisfaction is costing employers £16,000 per employee in staff turnover, the analysis has revealed.