Pre-Nups…to have or have not?

Sara Davison, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, Divorcee and Media Spokesperson writes in Huffington Post this week about the thorny issue of pre-nuptial agreements. For many couples about to marry, it will be seen as an unwanted sign of doubt about the sustainability of the union., a sort of ‘tempting of fate’. The view I hold, and express freely to clients who come to me for advice on pre-nups is: you didn’t drive your car without insurance, and that isn’t because you thought you were going to crash it today. You took out the insurance so that if  you did crash,  everything would be sorted out and taken care of. Having a formal document will not make it more or less likely that you will avoid a divorce, but it will help enormously in the event you do. And according to the Coop survey, about a third of those about to marry are now considering doing just that.

Do Pre-nups Make Divorce Easier?

Over 30 million UK adults believe that pre-nups make divorce easier according to new research.

The thing is that is definitely nothing romantic about pre-nups so couples will shy away from the topic, especially whilst in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. When planning your wedding you are focusing on the happily ever for your relationship, not the worse case scenario.

However marriage is not just about love, family and fairy tale endings. There is a business side to marriage as you are entering into a financial arrangement as well.

For those who bring assets, wealth or a higher income, a pre-nup offers protection and a sense of security for the future. It also provides clarity for both partners on what the future holds financially.