Post-nuptial Patisserie

Guess what the new divorce trend is?

Cake. No, really.

Apparently,no divorce party is complete without a hilarious cake to mark the occasion, with photos of the novelty bakes being shared widely on social media. I read too that celebrities are jumping on the sugary bandwagon and helping make this the new you media of choice to announce the big D.

From brides feeding their exes through a wood-chip machine to ‘newly single’ lingerie clad divorcees advertising their new-found sexual availability, this is <u>the</u> new way to celebrate a split.

I commend a search of Twitter #divorcecake to see some of the less appetising confectionary. It might be enough to encourage you into a last minute giving up of sugar for what’s left of Lent maybe?

The end of a marriage can be sad and painful, but the archetype of the jilted lover crying into their drink is a thing of the past. In 2009, divorce parties, an unabashed celebration of the end of a union started trending. But what’s a party without a good cake? Usher in the latest addition to an uproarious divorce party: the divorce cake.

Creative, intricate and oftentimes side-splittingly hilarious, divorce cakes take every divorce cliché under the sun and cover it in colourful fondant. 'We call them freedom cakes,” Lisa Stevens, owner of Sweet Dreams Dessert & Catering 'I try to redirect the anger to a more positive place when it comes to the cake.”

Any way you slice it, getting a divorce isn’t a pleasant affair, but a delightful cake just might help make it a positive change.