Post death planning remains off the agenda for many

The research below is quite staggering, when the pandemic has brought death to the forefront of our lives for the last 18 months. Why do so few people have wills? My view is that death remains a taboo topic, and something people just don’t like to think about.¬†

But as the article below suggests, failing to do so can have disasterous consequences for your loved ones. Don’t assume that the intestacy rules will automatically give your estate to the people you consider to be your closest family, this is not always the case and can also mean children are disinherited. Thought should also be given to who you would want to administer your estate, as family conflicts and disputes are expensive, and add further emotional turmoil for those already grieving. If there is already family friction then thought should be given to appointing a solicitor to administer the estate.

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Only 4 in 10 UK adults have a Will despite owning a property A recent IRN Wills and Probate Research Report, titled UK Wills & Probate Market 2020: Consumer Research Report, has found that fewer than 4 in 10 adults in the UK have made a Will. This has come as a surprise to experts, who predicted that the global pandemic would encourage greater awareness and action around Wills and estate planning, but statistics show that there has been only a 1% increase in Will-making between 2019 and 2020.