Parenting together while apart

Hidden amongst the gossip and glamorous photos is an inspiring message here: ‘we may be apart but in the raising of our children: we’re together’. Hot on the heels of Gwyneth Paltow’s ‘conscious uncoupling, Jen and Ben are sharing what is a growing trend of parents, namely to have the confidence to know that they, and not the courts, are the right people to make decisions for their children. Here in the UK, the recently launched online tool ParentPlan is helping parents who are apart to plan and communicate better, keeping the focus on the children rather than the divorce

Ben Affleck on divorcing amicably from Jennifer Garner: 'We’re doing our best for the kids'
Garner and Affleck are reiterating their promise to make co-parenting work 
Heather Saul @heatheranne

Divorcing at the best of times is a difficult task for anyone, especially with children involved. That difficulty rises exponentially when those divorcing are two people living under the glare of the public eye. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their decision to separate after ten years in a marriage followed intensely by tabloids and gossip columns. Both have been at pains to stress their relationship is an amicable one after such a high-profile split and the pair are now vowing to make co-parenting work, something Affleck reiterated during an appearance on The Ellen Show when talking about how they manage their divorce.