Oxfordshire Children Centres close

Florence Park Children Centre is closed, North Abingdon Children Centre is closed, and South Abingdon Children Centre is due to close at the end of March.  Such a shame, and all down to funding cuts. The role of Children Centres was to provide help and support to families and children, including families who for one reason or another were vulnerable or isolated. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be a false economy.

FAMILIES who forged friendships at a children's centre will mark its closure with a farewell bash.

Parents and children will dispel the 'doom and gloom' of funding cuts by enjoying a party at South Abingdon Children's Centre, before it shuts at the end of March.

Centre volunteer Fiona Habermehl has arranged activities and games on March 18, in tribute to treasured services that could eventually 'rise from the ashes'.

She said: 'We didn't want this moment to pass without celebrating the work the centre has done. It's affected so many people's lives in positive ways. A community comes about as a result of meeting people here, you feel a part of something. It's a big thing to say goodbye to.