Oops! Computer says no….

This is a worrying piece of news for any divorce lawyers and litigants who have been using the Ministry of Justice’s software to produce Forms E.

Hard to believe that so many usually eagle-eyed lawyers could have failed to pick up the error until now.

One wonders if the Ministry of Justice will agree to cover the costs of those litigants who have suffered financial injustices as a result?

Revealed: divorce software error to hit thousands of settlements
Ministry of Justice urgently examining extent of Form E fault which miscalculated spouses’ financial worth

Divorce judgments and payment orders handed down by courts may have been founded on faulty financial information.

Tens of thousands of couples who have settled their divorces in the last 20 months may have to re-open negotiations because a critical fault has been found in software used to calculate financial terms.

The Ministry of Justice was urgently investigating the extent of the errors of 'Form E” on its website which have the potential to inflate the financial worth of a wife or husband. It has published an email address – formE@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk – asking anyone who believes they have been affected to contact the department.