Moving house during the Winter – my tips!

At Hedges we’re used to helping people move in a rush or to fit around school holidays but there can’t be many more challenging periods to move than over the Christmas holidays. If you’re brave enough to try, we’d offer the following advice:

1.Check that all solicitors in the chain are actually open for business on the date you want to move. Some firms close before/after Christmas and it will only take one closure to prevent the whole chain moving on your preferred date.

2.Get contracts exchanged asap and start making arrangements; removal firms will get booked up quickly, especially with staff holidays, so reserve your slot now.

3.Contact utility suppliers early: there will probably be less staff working over the Christmas period and you really don’t want to spend Christmas without electricity for the fairy lights on your tree or, even worse, gas to cook your turkey!

4.Think about getting the removal company to do your packing for you. Most offer an expert service and if you’re trying to deal with Christmas as well as moving house this may the one time of year it’s really worth paying for the extra service.

5.Don’t forget to tell people – Santa will need to know where to deliver his presents! If you’re organised and get your Christmas cards sent early you can tell people about your change of address at the same time.

6.Decorations are important. Even if decorating is at the bottom of your list of priorities it’s important from a security point of view to ensure that your new home looks “lived-in”, especially if you’re likely to be away over the festive period.

7.Check the weather. If there’s a risk of snow have shovels/grit handy: you don’t want your removals team slipping whilst carrying your valuables! Make sure the family has plenty of warm clothing in case your new home is cold at first.

8.Enjoy! After all it’s Christmas and what better way to start enjoying your new home than with a glass of mulled wine or a minced pie.

If you’re a gardener who has to move house and wants to take the garden too, winter is the time to do it because this is the best time to move plants. When plants are dormant, or growing slowly, you can dig them up with little damage occurring, and transport them to a new garden or position.