Love you to the moon and back….?

Just when I think I’ve seen it all!

This may be a first for the court: a battle over a ticket into space.

I have dealt with arguments on some odd and interesting things in my time, including the division of air miles….but this is a first.

I can’t see this case being a ground-breaking legal decision due to the space ride itself; presumably its monetary value will simply fall into the matrimonial pot for division at the end of the day. Its bound to capture the imagination of the media though…

Lets watch this space (sorry!)

A £160,000 ticket for a trip into space is at the centre of a stellar divorce battle.

The glamorous wife of Ashish Thakkar, once described as Africa’s youngest billionaire, is taking her husband to the High Court next week to argue his precious ticket into space should be included in his assets as part of the divorce settlement.

While Meera Manek,insists her husband is a billionaire, he claims he's just £445,532 to his name.

To add to the confusion, the Sunday Times Rich List estimated Mr Thakkar’s wealth at £500?million in 2015 but omitted him from the list last time around.

The High Court will now decide over the course of a five-day hearing beginning on Monday just what Mr Thakkar owns. A further trial will then decide how much Ms Manek should receive before they formalise their split.