London’s first naked restaurant: Careful with those steak knives….

Revealing news in Big Hospitality this week…the opening of London’s first naked restaurant. It continues a growing trend for ‘themes” across the industry  .This week saw the success of BrewDog in raising £19 million of investment for a beer-themed hotel. This week’s news also saw the opening of a new avocado-only restaurant: the Avo Pop-up.

No doubt media interest in this liberating way of eating will be high. One can see the clips on ‘Have I Got News For You’ already..

It remains to be seen whether the au naturel approach to dining is one which the great British public are ready for. 

While restaurant dress codes are nothing new, an upcoming London opening is asking diners to eat in nothing but their birthday suit.

Billed as the city's first naked restaurant, The Bunyadi will offer guests the chance to experience ‘true liberation’ when it opens in June.

The 42-cover venue will be split in to naked and non-naked sections (or ‘pure’ and ‘clothed’), with changing rooms, gowns and lockers provided on-site.

Phones and photography (ahem) will be banned in order to free guests from the ‘trappings of modern life’.

The slightly chilly-sounding restaurant will also outlaw gas and electricity in favour of an overhead canopy of candles.