Liz Hurley…. and the value of farmland

Liz Hurley is just one of many lucky landowners who have taken advantage of the unprecedented rise in the value of farmland over recent years.

With Knight Frank reporting that the value of farmland has increased 10% over the last year and 198% over the last decade it’s no wonder that people are cashing in.

Whilst the media has been full of stories about struggling farmers in the past it seems that the tide may be turning with recent calls for reform of the subsidy system and the inheritance and capital gains tax exemptions that are currently enjoyed.

In Scotland the SNP government is about to introduce legislation enabling it to intervene in the scale of land ownership and conduct of landowners where it believes there may be a barrier to sustainable development. It also plans a Scottish land reform commission to help tenant farmers buy their holdings, amend the rights of succession so landowners can no longer leave estates to a single heir, and reintroduce business rates on sporting estates.

Will England and Wales to quick to follow?

Actress Liz Hurley has cashed in on a boom in farmland prices by selling her home in the Cotswolds for £9million - triple the price she bought it for 13 years ago.