It really is never too late

Amongst my world of divorce and separation, a heart-warming story to prove love and marriage can come along at any age. A fairly new phenomenon coined by the media as ‘silver splitters’ ie over 60s getting divorced, combined with the increasing longevity of the population, means that later-life marriage is not as uncommon as you’d think. It brings with it some complex legal and family issues, but maybe its true: love conquers all!

With the combined age of 186, 90-year-old Bill and 96-year-old Flo got married this weekend after Bill proposed 'out of the blue' last month.

And since they’re British, his matrimonial offer came while they were having a cup of tea at their West Midlands home.

They first met 20 years ago when Bill and his then-wife Joan were at a dance hall.

'At one of the dances I said to Joan ‘can I have your husband when you’ve finished with him?’,' 'She said ‘you can have him now if you want!’ But I never thought it would actually happen.'

Following Joan’s death in 1997, the two grew close.
'I guess it's a bit odd for two old biddies like us to get married,' Bill's a really loving and helpful man. He's still quite handsome too and doesn't have many wrinkles.'