In Oxford, £1,000 a month will get you….?

Not very much according to the latest research published by the Daily Mail! £1,000 a month will probably get you a one bedroom flat, whereas you might get a studio apartment in London or a 4 bedroom house in Newcastle for the same rent. 

I doubt these figures will come as much of a surprise to landlords and tenants but given the predicted increase in demand for rental accommodation over the next 12 months (coupled with landlords looking to pass on letting fees as rent following the implementation of the Tenant Fees Act) it will be interesting to see how these figures (and the disparities between them) have changed this time next year.

The average UK rent currently stands at £934, but what you get for that money varies enormously from region to region. 

New research has combed through lettings' listings on property website  Rightmove and looked at what kind of property you can rent for £1,000 or less across the UK.