Home Move Survey – what are people’s biggest concerns?

It is perhaps no surprise that the biggest concern those surveyed raised in relation to selling their homes was not achieving the price they wanted. I find some of the other concerns listed in this recent eMoov survey more interesting….. 46% of people were worried about the stress of selling – far more than those worried about the cost of selling.

This must give hope to solicitors and other professionals like Hedges who pride themselves on the quality of support that they offer to clients who are moving home rather than just aiming to be the cheapest conveyancers (or estate agents) on the market. 

We are finding more and more clients come to us because of a bad experience with an internet based conveyancing company and above all else they want to be assured of the personal touch; that someone who really cares will be looking after them. The results of this survey help explain why – moving house is hard enough as it is – don’t make it worse by surrounding yourself with a group of “professionals” you don’t really trust to support you!

Some 55% of those asked said not getting the price they wanted or needed was their primary fear when selling, with the stress of the selling process the second biggest fear factor for 46% of home owners.

Time constraints completed the top three fear factors, with 43% of home owners afraid they wouldn’t be able to sell their home in the time they needed to.

The survey also shows that 36% fear paying too much in estate agent fees, 22% finding a new property to live in upon selling, 14% dealing with the buyer, 12% picking the wrong estate agent in the first place, 10% getting a mortgage for their next home and 4% that their new property might drop in value in the future.