Happy families = happy business: 5 top tips to bring families in to your eateries

Big Hospitality reports on the results of a survey by Peter Lugosi at Oxford Brooke’s School of Hospitality Management into what it is that makes great family dining. Some simple but helpful tips emerge from his research: with family diners taking an ever increasing share of the market, our hospitality clients are telling us that this is a real focus for them.

Little things for little ones: How restaurants can better cater for the family market

Happy families = happy business. Why catering for children and their parents could be a good idea,

Foodservice businesses could better capitalise on the £4bn family market by focusing on small aspects of service such as talking to children, bringing them their food first and supplying them with smaller cutlery, an academic report has found.

The results of a study carried out by Oxford Brookes University into the experiences of parents visiting restaurants, pubs and cafes with their children, found that just small welcoming gestures made by staff were all that were needed to secure repeat visits and recommendations.

'It’s amazing how little we know about parents and carers’ experiences of going out to eat,” said Peter Lugosi, reader at Oxford School of Hospitality Management