Great Western Park – boom time?

Dispute Resolution - 1 minute read

Following the introduction of higher SDLT rates for second homes and a surge of activity in the first quarter of the year we were expecting a bit of a slow down now while the market re-adjusted. This has yet to materialise! 

This article about South Oxfordshire particularly caught my eye as not only is it predicting strong growth in the region’s housing market for the next 5 years but focuses particularly on the Great Western Park development. As a frequent commuter through Didcot I am continually amazed at how quickly the area is changing and we have had a flurry of buy-to-let instructions for properties on the development in recent weeks. Anecdotal evidence only of course but a good sign that the market is still moving….

Better job prospects, rising wages and a more stable economy is set to drive a five year wave of activity in house sales and a surge in house price growth, especially in South Oxfordshire. The region has benefited from extensive infrastructure and regeneration investment, and Didcot in particular is a prime example, with house-hunters flocking to the town to take advantage of the region’s strong growth.