Godparents or Guardians: knowing the difference might make ALL the difference to your child’s future…

Who can’t have seen this weekend’s photos without an ‘ahhhh’ at angelic baby Archie snoozing in the arms of his parents.

Whilst the media speculates as to the identity of the royal baby’s new godparents, we’re asking a much more important question : who are his legal guardians?

As you can see from the research we conducted recently here at Hedges Law (with a big thank you to Yahoo for the  coverage) the majority of parents simply don’t know the difference between a godparent and a guardian: and frankly, they should!

Gruesome as it may be to even think about: if you and your partner/spouse were to die together, then without a legal guardian being named in your will, your children’s future could be completely uncertain. Whilst the naming of a godparent might hold a religious or cultural significance, it has no legal status whatsoever. In the event of your child being orphaned, the godparent/s would have no legal power to make decisions for your child or exercise parental responsibility. Who she or he live with, how they are raised, where they go to school and who manages their money: all could be left to someone you’d never have chosen to do so.

SO here’s some great advice for free: have a beautiful christening, enjoy every special moment and treasure every angelic photograph, but please make a will at the same time so that a legal guardian is in place for your child. Peace of mind is a simple step away!

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was christened today at Windsor Castle in an intimate ceremony with guests including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The two-month-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was baptised in an intimate ceremony with family and friends at the castle’s chapel.