Give us a (tax) break and bring equal rights to family creation!

The infamous YouTubers “Wegan” aka married couple Megan Bacon-Evans and her wife Whitney are in the news this week. Famous for their appearances in TVs ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ the couple are now embarking on the first steps of creating a family together. To their dismay however, it appears that unlike a heterosexual couple who would usually qualify for a least the first round of IVF free of charge under the NHS, they are being denied treatment unless they have first paid for an IVF round themselves at a private clinic. With such treatment coming in at a cost of around £30,000 the couple consider this decision to be hugely discriminatory and have launched a campaign for equality in fertility treatment.

Without knowing the detail of what lies behind the NHS’ decision, I can’t really comment on the merits or otherwise of this individual case. What does seem certain is that if this is a policy decision or one based only on the couple’s sexual orientation and nothing else, the campaign seems bound to garner huge support from a number of sectors.

According to the Office for National Statistics, there has been a 50% increase since 2015 in the number of same-sex families, so it seems likely that ‘Wegan’ may well be one of a huge number of couples finding themselves in this position.

My family law team will be following the case with avid interest. Good luck ladies! 

Wegan, the lesbian YouTube stars, demand end to ‘gay tax’ on IVF treatmentThe married couple are campaigning for equal access to NHS fertility services

Alice Hutton

A lesbian couple with 50,000 subscribers on YouTube have launched a campaign demanding equal fertility treatment after being told to pay up to £30,000 to a private clinic before the NHS will help them have a baby.

Megan Bacon-Evans, 33, and her US-born wife, Whitney, 32, have inspired LGBT people across the world since they found fame as 'Wegan” in 2009, featuring in Britain’s Relationship Secrets, a BBC documentary, and Say Yes to the Dress, a reality-TV show about brides-to-be.