For all you “learning maniacs” out there !

Dispute Resolution - 1 minute read

Great article by Bill Taylor about the culture  Garry Ridge, CEO, helped create  at the WD-40 Company. 

I’ve seen a lot on social media about how very successful people made mistakes along the way; wouldn’t it be nice if this approach to “failure” seeped its way into our workplace, culture, schools and more. Read on. 

And by the way,  ancora imparo ! 

learning moment” — a period of frustration, a burst of inspiration, a breakthrough of collaboration in which people stumble upon a problem, unearth an opportunity, or fail miserably at an initiative, and then communicate what they’ve learned without fear of reprisal. 'Learning moments can be positive or negative, but they are never bad, so long as they are shared for the benefit of all,” he says. 'I want people to be inquisitive, I want people to ask questions and take chances. My job is to create a company of learners. I like to ask my people and myself, When’s the last time you did something for the first time?”