Family rift over parental “loan”

With more and more parents helping their children get on the property ladder with a financial gift or loan and, in my experience, so many of them deciding not to document the position because they are “family” this case is a cautionary tale.

When things are going well it can be hard to imagine a time when relations won’t always be equally harmonious but, even if you trust your children, circumstances can change if they meet a new partner or if an unexpected event arises meaning you perhaps want your loan back sooner than you were anticipating.

If you are considering loaning your child funds to help with a property purchase it would be worth reading this tale first… and then coming to speak to someone at Hedges who can give you the peace of mind of a property loan agreement. It probably won’t be as expensive or as difficult as you may think….

Bitter rift at the bank of mum and dad: Couple lose £90,000 THEY say was a loan to their daughter but SHE says was a gift