Family breakdown costs the tax payer £48 billion

This article gives no indication as to how that figure is calculated… There is however an important message – only 14% of separating parents are aware of Family Mediation, as an option to reach decisions when they separate. 

Help spread the word, during Family Mediation Week. Retain control by choosing Family Mediation. It is less confrontational, more conciliatory, and can costs thousands of pounds less, leaving more money for the family’s future.  If you know anyone who is separating from their partner, and decisions need to be made, suggest finding out more about Family Mediation. 

The 'Cost of Family Failure Index' 2016 has revealed that the cost of family breakdowns to the taxpayer had risen by £1 billion to £48 billion, and is still going up. Meanwhile, despite mediation being a legal requirement for separating couples before they can apply for an expensive court order, just 14% of parents were aware of family mediation when they were separating.

At the start of Family Mediation Week (23-27 January 2017), the Family Mediation Association is calling for greater public understanding of the divorce process to better protect children and other at-risk parties, as well as reduce the burden on the taxpayer.