Early Christmas present

Good News: “Probate delays will be over by Christmas, claims HMCTS”.

Probate delays have been the burden of Probate Lawyers across the country with Grants taking over 3 months, in some cases, compared to the 1-2 weeks prior to Spring 2019. However, HMCTS have announced that the delays will be over by the end of the year, although they had initially said it would be back to normal in November. If they can meet the deadline of Christmas Lawyers will be celebrating across the country.

Delays in grants of probate will be over by the end of the year, HM Courts and Tribunals Service has said – after missing its November deadline. In a meeting with the Law Society, HMCTS said grants of probate currently take around four weeks to be issued, but the process should take just two weeks by Christmas. It is also working to clear stopped applications that are blocking the system. HMCTS previously said the system would be back to normal in November.

Probate delays began in the spring, when a software glitch coincided with a spike in applications, as executors rushed to beat the probate fee hike which was due to be implemented in April. Solicitors subsequently reported delays of over three months.