Diesels and Divorce

Who knew? Divorce and pollution can have comparable effects.

The Standard reports on ‘new research’ that suggests that being shrouded in inner city smog from vehicles and other toxic emissions can impact our psychological wellbeing as much as divorce or other major stressful life events. Our current PM Mrs May herself likens pollution as the 4th largest health risk alongside marital separation.

Time for a Tesla perhaps?

Living with heavy pollution caused by traffic can be as bad for your happiness as being widowed or divorced, new research suggests.

Extremely high levels of nitrogen dioxide, largely emitted by diesel engines, can impact on life satisfaction in the same way as a bereavement or a break-up.

Academics at the University of York also said that soaring levels of nitrogen oxide found in London and other parts of the country could carry a 'psychological” cost as great as that of being out of work.

Toxic air is country's fourth biggest health risk, says Theresa May
'Our standardised coefficients suggest that the effect of NO2 on life satisfaction is equivalent to approximately half that of unemployment, and equivalent to that of marital separation and widowhood, factors commonly associated with some of the largest wellbeing reductions in the literature to date.”