Dementia Helpline – staggering stats

The Alzheimer’s Society has released statistics concerning calls to the Dementia Helpline. It is clear that more than ever, families are turning to the Helpline for support and assistance, often as the first port of call. 

Alzheimer’s Society has released data showing that more people affected by dementia than ever are desperately seeking help

In 10 years, over 320,000 calls to the Dementia Helpline have been answered, with average increase of 10% year on year
Last year alone, number of calls for help reached equivalent of 120 calls per day
Post-Christmas break sees upsurge in calls and visits to charity’s online community

The number of crisis calls to Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Helpline have more than doubled in the last decade (136), reaching over a third of a million (320,000), with 45,000 calls for help being answered last year alone.