Could a low-conflict marriage actually be a warning sign of divorce?

The results of this survey by the Marriage Foundation, set up by senior family judge Sir Paul Coleridge, make for surprising reading. Apparently, a marriage without conflict is just one of the key signs that the end may be in sight. It also seems that the news for children of their parents divorcing when all has seemed to be fine between them, may be far harder for them to cope with than the announcement of a split after highly visible acrimony. Food for thought for divorce professionals and parents alike. Time to get a good old-fashioned row underway maybe?

Five surprising signs you're heading for a divorce
Forget constant rows - recent research suggests that NOT arguing is a tell-tale sign your relationship is on the rocks. So what are the others?

Recent research found most couples were not generally unhappy in the 12 months before they divorced. Y

Worrying news for anyone whose marriage appears to be a conflict-free zone: a lack of shouting matches doesn’t mean all is smooth-sailing, it could actually be a sign you're drifting apart.
A three-year study of 40,000 couples by the Marriage Foundation revealed, last week, that 60 per cent of couples who split or divorced had reported they were 'generally happy' just 12 months earlier. In fact, only 9 per cent of relationships failed due to a period of high conflict or severe unhappiness.