Children Act Proceedings

There has been a lot of focus in the media lately on children proceedings in the Family Court, following the latest Dispatches show on Channel 4. 

This article is the latest to hit the headlines, shining a light on the Family Court. 

The difference with this article – it’s the personal feedback of an experienced Family Law Barrister sharing the details of her own proceedings. 

This article has really opened my eyes as to how difficult this process is for parents, especially those parents who have experienced an abusive relationship. 

If an experienced Court user has struggled this much being in the process, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for people who have never experienced the Court process before. 

This article has really taught me about the emotional rollercoaster that our clients go through and to always have that in the back of my mind with every client, regardless of their situation. 

Looking back, I can see the awful irony of my situation. There I was, a family law barrister of 15 years’ experience, being cross-examined in the family court by my ex-partner and sobbing uncontrollably as he accused me of lying in an attempt to restrict access to our young daughter.