Charlie Gard: truths in an angry sea of fictions

I’m currently on holiday in the USA where the media have been having the most incredible field day about this ‘story’. Brit-bashing, medical staff vilification and religious fervour abounds.

I came across this great online piece by Charles Arthur in not so much a legal analysis but a step by step factual account of how the tragic events played out.

Worth a read…and a share, to those who may have been pulled into the hyperbole, mistruths and ignorance of the media coverage.

In the meantime, one can only hope that Charlie’s parents can somehow find some peace and privacy in their grief and mourning at this time. And that the legal teams, medics and judiciary involved can also now be given the respect they deserve for doing their best, and their jobs.

If you ever wondered whether the media does a good job of reporting nuanced stories, the Charlie Gard case offers the counterexample. This is a case with no winners; not the child himself, with a vanishingly rare incurable inherited degenerative disease; not the parents, who have had to suffer not only the loss of a child but also all the hopes that any parents have imagined for the future of their child; not even the hospital and doctors, who have acted to try to give the best for Charlie?—?enlisting research projects to try to diagnose his problem, considering experimental therapy to treat him. They all deserve our sympathies.