Celebrity support for ‘the care funding crisis’

How heart warming to see that, despite all she is facing in her personal battle with dementia, our national treasure Barbara Windsor is selflessly finding time to lobby the government to take action on the care crisis. 

Whilst there can be no doubt that the government need to look at our social care system urgently, what is also a real challenge is how few of those people effected understand their options and funding they could be entitled to. 

It is important to take advice about how our current paying for care rules work, and securing the funding that your loved one could be entitled to, such as welfare benefits and NHS Continuing Care (NHS CHC) funding.

Barbara Windsor calls on Boris Johnson to help tackle dementia care crisis.

Dame Barbara Windsor and her husband Scott Mitchell, who have called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to solve the dementia care crisis.

Dame Barbara Windsor is calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to tackle the dementia crisis, as millions are expected to fall victim to the illness with the care system in 'disarray'.

The EastEnders star and husband Scott Mitchell were announced as ambassadors of the Alzheimer's Society, on Dame Barbara's 82nd birthday.