Care home funding: It is so important to take advice

This is a very sad story of a 46 year old lady with multiple sclerosis who’s condition deteriorated and she found herself in care. Unfortunately, she had to sell her flat and has spent the majority of her funds on care fees.

At Hedges we have a Solicitor specialising in care fees and NHS funding. It is so important to take advice and know the options, and we can assist with this.

While in the home, she had to sell her flat for much less than it was worth and she has now started paying the cost of her care.

I always had a dream of going travelling and writing and blogging about my experience.

'But I've now realised that is not possible - all my money has to go on my care. Because of my disability, my money is not my own. It is massively unfair.

'I've probably gone through half of it [my money] in the past six weeks and in another six to eight weeks the rest will be gone.

'I am not saying I should not contribute - but everything I planned to do is gone. It breaks my heart.