Can you afford to buy your first home in your local area?

The Guardian Newspaper have created an interesting tool that shows the vast majority of the country’s housing stock is beyond the means of those earning the national average wage, with a shocking 93% of the country showing as unaffordable. This figure jumps to 99% for those earning the minimum wage.

While it may seem like great news for those already on the property ladder it is clear to see that this could cause problems for those who own property that used to be seen as starter home as it could mean they will have difficulty selling as there will be fewer people able to make the step up from renting to buying.

This does seem to clash with an article earlier this week that showed that mortgage lending was on the increase again following the recession. Check out the recent post by property solicitor Vicky Hernandez Mortgage lending on the up… But what does it mean?

Where can you afford to buy a house?