Can some of the difficulties of co-parenting be addressed online?

A new online tool, ParentPlan, is being launched to help separated parents co-parent their children. It provides a calendar, a space to upload documents, a news section and essential contact details. 

The difficulties of co-parenting often manifest themselves when communication breaks down, which can occur when there is a dispute as to the arrangements for the children, or acrimonious divorce proceedings.  A tool such as ParentPlan could be very helpful to alleviate some of these difficulties, helping to ensure that the focus remains on the children: such as what their activities are, and who their main contacts are. 

It could also be used when communication hasn’t broken down; where parents just want to ensure that they are both fully involved in their children’s lives.

ParentPlan aims to enable co-parents to communicate effectively

ParentPlan, a secure website that helps separated and divorced parents to communicate with each other to run their children's lives, has been launched.

The aim of ParentPlan is to enable parents to keep up to date with their children even if they do not see them every day.

Members of the site can upload diary events and activities to the calendar, store contact details, display media files and relevant documents and post key reminders to the Pinboard. This information can then be shared with selected adults involved in the child's life such as carers and grandparents or other family members.