An inappropriate way to start custody proceedings

Olivia Wilde was served custody papers while on stage talking about her new film. Now, if there is a bad way to start proceedings in relation to the arrangements for your children, that is it!  

Sometimes Court papers do need to be personally handed to someone, depending on the nature of the proceedings, and in some cases it is difficult to find the person who needs to be given the documents, so you need to take any opportunity you get. It is however very difficult to believe that this was the only opportunity to hand documents to Olivia Wilde. 

US actress and director Olivia Wilde has described being served custody papers on behalf of former partner Jason Sudeikis, the Ted Lasso star, while she was on stage as 'vicious'.

Wilde was handed the documents in a brown envelope while talking about her new thriller Don't Worry Darling at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April.

Footage showed her looking surprised after opening the envelope.