A good divorce: finding the alternative to a bad one

This week is Resolution’s ‘Good Divorce Week’.

Resolution is a membership of family lawyers signed up to a Code of Practice that promotes a constructive approach to family law, aiming to resolve issues in a non-confrontational manner wherever possible. Hedges’ solicitors are all proud members. 

It might seem a bold move to market the idea there can be such a thing as a ‘good’ divorce, but when you consider how bad some divorces are – stressful,  time consuming, ill-mannered (and that’s just the lawyers) – then it makes some sense, at least relatively speaking.

2020 has been a perfect storm for many and unfortunately divorce rates have escalated to add even more difficulty to many lives already going through very tough times. More than ever then it is important that lawyers and their clients look to the real advantages of a ‘good’ divorce.

Defusing conflict, focusing on the future, always putting the children front and centre, considering out of court options such as mediation… there are many things solicitors and their clients can do to ease the divorce process. When solicitors commit to that approach and encourage their clients in a similar vein it can make a big difference: less cost, less time, less stress and a more positive, sooner future.

To support this initiative my colleagues and I are offering 2 half hour free consultations every day this week. Contact hello@hedgeslaw quoting Good Divorce Week to be in the draw for this #giveaway