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Resolving Will & Inheritance Disputes

The death of a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time. Emotions run high and whether or not a Will was in place at the time of death, inheritance disputes may still arise.

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of Will and inheritance disputes.

Disagreements may arise for a variety of reasons. Someone may feel they were unfairly left out of the Will or that they should have received more inheritance than they did. Previously undisclosed children may arrive to make a claim on the estate. There might be a dispute over the validity or interpretation of the Will. The roles of the appointed executor or inheritance dispute solicitors may also be called into question.

These kinds of disputes, generally between family members, can be very hard to navigate and resolve. Our specialist team of inheritance dispute solicitors in Oxford and Wallingford receive superb reviews for their skill in handling both the legal and emotional aspects of them, and resolving the disagreements in a fair and sensible manner. On occasions when court proceedings are the only way to sort matters out, our team has a firm track record of obtaining excellent outcomes in court.

If you are facing similar circumstances following the death of a family member or other loved one, our expert team of inheritance dispute solicitors is here to help. Whether you would like to discuss a tricky family situation, a dispute or a possible claim, our specialist contentious probate team will provide exceptional legal advice.

If you’ve been excluded from a Will

If you have been excluded from a Will or believe the inheritance you have received is insufficient, you may be able to make a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975. This allows you to make a claim against the deceased’s estate for ‘reasonable provision’.

What is considered reasonable provision will depend on the circumstances, but the general principle is that an Inheritance Act claim allows dependents of the deceased to cover the cost of financial assistance and other types of support they would normally have received from the deceased.

You can make an Inheritance Act claim when there is a valid Will or where the deceased has passed away without leaving a Will.

Resolving a probate dispute

Similar to inheritance or Will disputes, probate disputes may arise for a number of reasons. You may wish to stop the probate process or you may have been promised property by the deceased that has been left to somebody else in their Will.

Whether you’re making a claim or a dispute, our expert Dispute Resolution solicitors in Oxford and Wallingford have experience dealing with an extensive range of probate matters and pride themselves on their pragmatic, straight talking and jargon-free approach. This will undoubtedly be a stressful time and our team is here to work closely with you to find a resolution to each issue you’re facing.

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